In today’s shortcast I am asking, what happens to your face when you think about your goals and intentions? What makes you smile?

When I first moved to Scotland, I became a freelance advisor on the business network, supporting solo entrepreneurs and small business owners to get their projects moving. Over those three years I spoke to hundreds of people, offering them a combination of suggestions, encouragement and coaching.

I remember one appointment with a lady who was starting a cleaning business. She had been very efficient; she knew the kind of services she should offer and who to supply, it was a comprehensive business plan. But listening to her speak, I could see she was bored; there was no real heart in the conversation. Although she had been thorough in her planning it was clear this business was never going to put a smile on her face.

As we were rounding up the appointment, I casually asked her what else she did. She began talking about Highland Dancing.  That’s when her face lit up with a big smile and a sparkle in her eyes. The transformation was startling and we continued to have an animated conversation about her life in dance. It was very clear where her passion and energy was.

Before I left, I did drop a suggestion or two in that direction. I didn’t meet her again so I don’t know how things transpired, but sincerely hope she’s following her passion and doing well.

So, the question is, what’s happening to your face now? Are you still thinking about the same goals and intentions or has this story taken you down another path all together?

What makes you smile?

I’m inviting you to hold on to that that thought, whilst I talk some more on this topic, why some things work when others don’t and exploring where resistance comes from. Let’s see if we can find that smile for you.

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