This week’s shortcast explores the question “Who am I?” and is a follow up to last week’s conversation around passion and work.  If you tune in regularly, you will be familiar with the conversation about bringing your passion to the work that you do. Last week I pondered the question about the need for this and came to my own conclusion. 

It fits with the idea that no matter what we do in life, our passion and mission will always find a way out. It gets expressed because that is who we are and may be what we are here to do.

But what does a job look like if you are not clear about your mission or your purpose? And how do you discover what you are really passionate about when you are not sure? 
I have been there and on some level I was resisting my calling for years. And yet when I took the time to do the work and answer the above questions I discovered that I had been following my passion and bringing it into my work all along.

This week I will take you on my journey of discovery and reveal the tools that I found most beneficial. I will share what I discovered and of course there is the usual invitation for you to take this voyage of discovery for yourself. 

Here are the links I mention in this shortcast:

The 16 personalities test:

The Spark-E-Type test:

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