This week I am talking about why doubt is good. Yes, I do mean all those negative thoughts that come up when you are looking to change, or do something new. If you made New Year plans and have dropped them already, doubt is likely to have featured in that decision. 

Doubt is a powerful killer of intentions, plans and goals than the spectre of self-doubt. When we trust and believe in ourselves, our resources and resourcefulness are able to shine. So you may be wondering how it can possibly be a good thing?

Over the past few weeks, I have been discussing goals and intentions. Hopefully, you are already using the story and narrative processes I covered which offer tools to resist this problem. But, whatever the dream, we must move through self-doubt to get to these riches of achievement.

All doubt is learned behaviour, and it’s there to keep us safe. That’s why it’s a good thing. It will stop you leaping over a wall without considering what is on the other side. The secret is learning to recognise doubt as a good friend there to remind you to take care and be awesome.  So it’s time to unpick and release your doubtful thoughts.  

Consider this model of how our brains work:-

  • There are facts. “I am sitting at my desk.”
  • There are thoughts about those facts. “I get inspired when sitting at this desk.”
  • And then there are emotions triggered by those thoughts. “I feel good when I am inspired.”

There is no question about it here. Doubts are thoughts and there is power in them, but in the end that is all they are. Just thoughts that we lace with negative emotions.

When we separate facts from thoughts and emotions, we see them as they are and we have the power to work with doubt in a healthy way.

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