Have you ever thought wouldn’t it be cool if? Or wouldn’t it be fantastic or even incredible? These are statements of possibility; they are the precursor to a dream or goal.

On this show, I am exploring the power of allowing the mind to wonder and open up to possibilities by using a simple question and following it through.

I speak to many people throughout my week, and one thing that stands out is how we have become blocked by the process of life. Try it with your friends, and ask about their dreams. They might have one or two, but most will shrug that aside or brush it off as silly.

Wouldn’t it be cool if, is the precursor to a dream or goal.

Scanning my bookshelf for inspiration this week, I picked up the book by Michael Neill, “Creating the impossible” it is a 90-day process to get dreams out of the head and into reality. It’s been on the shelf for a few years, I have read part one, but part 2 is like one of those courses you buy and never action.

That is not entirely true; I have dibbed in and out a few times but have yet to give it my full attention. The book uses the three principles, a philosophy that speaks to me, but is hard to describe. I have wanted to do a podcast on the subject, but I don’t have the words.

In part 2 of the book, the day 1 exercise is making a list of wouldn’t it be cool? That reminded me of Karen Darke and our conversation before her poles of possibility project. She has this phrase. Wouldn’t it be awesome?

She has been on the show once and was a guest at one of our events. The link to her podcast is below.  

The list exercise is so worth a go; you never know what you might discover.  

Here is a link to the book with Micheal Neill 

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