You are amazing; we all are. But more than that, you are amazing at something; we are talking about your superpower on this show.

Do you ever take the time to consider what you’re good at because there is something in your life that you do now that where you are better than most. However, in our society, we encourage children and people in employment to get better at their weaknesses. We ask people to focus on the bit that makes their life suck so they can get better.

When I feel bad about something, it does not make me perform at my best. 

My conversation today is about dropping our focus on our bad bits because they will never make us happy, and even if we were to try really hard, we would never get better than average.

 In this podcast, I’m encouraging you to explore your superpowers and enjoy them, and when you are looking to explore something new or discover something new, go into it without an expectation to be good and do it for fun. 

When there is fun, all sorts of magic can happen.  

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