Who sets your limits? I was reminded this weekend that I have been setting limits for myself and there really is no need reality will do that for without my help.

As you know running is a big part of my life and I recently completed a marathon in Inverness not quite in the time that I wanted but very close.

That was nearly a month back and next weekend the running club is organising a 10k and I have been in several minds if I should enter. In truth, I have nothing to lose, outside of a previous personal best that I recorded at this time last year.

So what am I afraid of? My limits, I have trained very differently this year it has all been about endurance. A 10k is all about speed and don’t know what that means for me.

But Saturday was a training session and I was getting some good lap times. So who says I cannot run this race at speed?

That is the point I was limiting myself. What is amazing is that I spoke on this point of limits almost a year ago. So rather than remake the show, I thought to reprise it for you.

As for my 10k the question is can I run faster than 48 minutes, I will let you next week.

In meantime check out the show and consider where you are putting limits on your life.

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