Being in flow with life is about taking aligned action; in my weekend show, we explored the idea of being in that flow and open to the opportunities that pass; it is about breathing into the space.

When I think of a guest demonstrating the process well, it had to be the late Simon Jordan; he died suddenly in December 2021. I made a tribute programme for him at the time.

Simon was a long-term online friend, I had known each other for ten years, yet as in common in the digital world, we never managed to meet in person.

Taking Aligned Action

Going back to my point about flow and aligned action. There is a view and narrative that you will crawl through the swamp to get to your goal if you want something enough. You will put your shoulder to the wheel of life and push until you get what you want.

I do not deny the idea’s validity, and sometimes getting results requires this level of commitment and sacrifice.

However, at what personal cost do we ask ourselves if we want to pay that price? There was a time when I did the 7 am to 7 pm life. Did it get me anything? I thought it did, but it meant I ate late, watched too much TV and went to bed to do it all again the following morning.

In this show with Simon, we explore his journey from the ego-driven on-stage marketing professional whose life was falling apart to the free-flowing mountain climber, swimmer, adventurer and branding coach. At the time of recording, his life philosophy was about taking aligned action, simplicity and moving with the flow.

The conversation was taken from the event Reason and Results, in 2020. The detail of this and all of our past events can be found in the events tab above.

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