Simon Jordan was my first ever podcast guest, but he was also a friend and someone I admired. Our connection goes back nearly 10 years, so it was a bit of a shock when I learned that he had died just before Christmas. This podcast is a tribute to the man and his legacy:

  • Branding wisdom on his main website and Simon Jordan YouTube channel
  • #5ThingsClear environmental project – cleaning beaches across the worlds
  • One Planet One Place environmental YouTube channel with loads of inspiring videos
  • His latest book Simplicity of Success 

    (Links to these and other resources below)

I was first introduced to Simon when our kids were at school together and we worked remotely on some publicity for an event. At the time I saw him as the pinstripe man, a brand specialist with a YouTube channel called Simon Jordan TV. We stayed in touch through our social channels, connecting and having many great chats, on the phone or Skype.

I witnessed his transition from the suits to outdoor gear, climbing mountains and cold water swimming. The new, more genuine Simon became a bit of a hero for me. So when I started the podcast four years ago he was my first choice of guest. Simon stood for everything that Life Passion & Business is about.

The recording you are about to hear was the interview I did with Simon as part of our Reasons & Results virtual event that took place in August 2020. We called it ‘Taking Aligned Action’. I hope you enjoy my last conversation with Simon Jordan, he was an amazing man and I will miss him.

Be well my friend, it is clear that you have touched many in your short life and you clearly made a difference and contributed to so much.

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