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Simple Survey

Virtual events are going to be a thing for me and life Passion and Business. Delivering what you want and need is much easier when I know what that is, so please tell your thoughts. It would be much appreciated.

The first Event

Living beyond the change was driven by inspiration and the situation that we are in following the epidemic. It was delivered in just 20 days, it had its faults and more feedback could make it better.

How are you with getting stuff done?

After a follow-up call with Gemma Ray, ( Self Discipline) I could see the gap in the event and that implementation is the curse we must all go through. What is the difference between getting something done and not doing it? What is the driving force that makes it happen?

Below is a short 2 question survey.

Say as little or as much as you want.

Many Thanks

Paul Harvey

Simple Event Survey
Say as much as you like