We are all seeking freedom in some way or another and many of my guests over time have said that freedom was their biggest driver.  In reality, we have the desire to be free to choose our own path.

For our guest on today’s show, the search for freedom began at a German international school in Hong Kong in the 1980s and continued into her 40s 

Simran Sondhi is one of 3 siblings born in the UK to Indian/ English parents.  Her father was in banking and a career opportunity came up which involved a family relocation to Hong Kong. It was a shift to a new country and a colonial culture, which for a six-year-old was difficult.

It was those formative years that started her on a path of struggle and a search for freedom. Of course, her daily life in HK gave her a privileged background but the path was structured and almost set for her. Growing up in Hong Kong she was always the outsider and keen to leave soon as she could.
There was no question that she would go to university, and it was her opportunity to escape back to London. She attended the London School of Economics and studied International relations and economics with a plan to be a war journalist.

However, the LSE is a shoo-in for the banking industry and they were the only interviews she was getting. So she started a career as an investment banker.  

Although Banking was not what she wanted it was an exciting career and gave her much of the freedom that she was craving.  However, she always felt undervalued and as a woman in banking, it was not an easy journey.

But despite the challenges, she stayed for 12 years until the fallout from the financial crash kicked her out of the industry.

The Search for Freedom

Our conversation is about her journey as her career endured many twists and turns with years in different industries from luxury hotels, to holistic nutrition, finally culminating with pharmaceuticals.

The journey took her across continents and a myriad of roles. Transformation became her nemesis; having to start again from scratch multiple times has defined her life journey. She became the renegade, discovered her power and that gave her the life and freedom she was always looking for.

Today Simran Sondhi walks a unique path. After years of experience, she uniquely blends the esoteric with the practical. She supports women, spiritual entrepreneurs and those in transition phases. Be it burn out loss of creativity to stuck in repetitive cycles.

She is an advanced Theta Healing practitioner and teacher. And uses a diverse set of modalities including Access Consciousness and Bars, Reiki, Bodytalk, Mindscape and her own channelings to craft both one-to-one as well as group experiences. 

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