This Spirit-duality Virtual Event is designed to bring together people from all walks of life to talk about their experiences and share the practices that have supported their personal and spiritual development. Whilst we aim to convey accurate information, biography details and experience both written and verbally conveyed has been submitted by the Speakers, or gathered from written content on their personal website and social media pages, this includes qualifications, memberships, registrations etc. Life Passion & Business and Spirit-duality hosts have accepted these details in good faith.

All therapists and practitioners should be happy to provide evidence of their qualifications and professional memberships, plus proof of relevant insurance cover if asked. For your own piece of mind, we suggest asking for this before undertaking any treatment or services offered.

Advisory Notice: Personal and spiritual development work has the capacity to reach and release emotional distress. Life Passion & Business and Spirit-duality hosts are unable to provide support in this area. If you are living alone or are in a vulnerable situation we strongly advice seeking the guidance of a trained professional to support you in managing and processing challenging emotions.