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What started as an intuitive impulse is growing into something that feels way bigger and more important than we ever anticipated. Spirit-Duality has taken wings and promises to be extraordinary. Full details available by clicking the link below.

What Does Living A Spiritual Life Mean To You?

This event will take an in-depth look into what being on a spiritual journey means to different people, and explore how we can all learn to live with passion, purpose, vision and faith.

We will discover how to deal with some of the dualities that occur when life throws a curve-ball and discuss what effect this has on spiritual beliefs and personal development.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell And Wisdom To Share

Throughout the event we will be talking to people who choose to embrace spirituality into all aspects of their life, discovering what works for them, how they deal with challenge and what they offer to support others.

We will then dive a little deeper into a series of experiential sessions, inviting participants to join our Speakers as they lead us through processes and activities that have worked for them and that they now offer to others through their chosen vocation.

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Have You Ever Considered Hosting a Virtual Event?

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