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2020 the year of 20/20 vision came as an unexpected and challenging opportunity to embrace the changes required to create a better world. 

What will 2021 bring?

After a challenging year, many of us are faced with on-going disruptions to our ‘normal’ social and working lives. Undoubtedly the past year has brought about significant changes in the way we relate to each other and for many it has been an opportunity to appreciate what they hold dear and address what matters most to them.

The November 2020 Spirit-duality Virtual Summit provided a valuable opportunity to reflect on core issues such as Spirituality, Purpose, Passion and what brings Meaning to our lives. Ultimately it reminded us time and time again that whatever our spiritual beliefs, our challenges or our cultural background, our inter-connection comes through love, compassion and igniting inner wisdom.

Through engaging conversations with each of our 35 Guest Speakers, we discovered what spirituality means to them, how they embrace the dualities that arise as learning opportunities, and how they have transformed these experiences into learning opportunities for others.

Through their 15 Empowerment processes (provided by the coaches, teachers, artists and spiritual leaders), we unveil the mysteries of living in harmony with our own humanity and explore the realms of possibility for bringing healing, unity and harmony to the forefront of human development.

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