Our conversation is a little different this week as this story has no fall, crash or upheaval. However, it is about good communication and the search for meaning and purpose.

My guest is unusual in that he is younger than most. What makes him interesting is he is the third generation of a thriving family business. The transition between father and son was without drama. 

Steve Cook was born in Oklahoma and has never left. 

As a child, Steve mirrored his dad and wanted to be like him. As he went to college, his Dad became a restauranter, and steve followed that interest in his studies.

By the time Steve was leaving college, the family had sold the restaurant and bought into the family horse feed business.

On stepping out into the world of work, Steve considered various careers before entering the family business. There is a lot of potential baggage when it comes to working with family.

Our conversation is about his journey into the business, finding his feet up to the point where he took it over. The company is one of the largest feed suppliers in the USA, which is due to the successful working relationship between Steve and his father.

We take about his challenges and, of course, the usual five questions.

Steve did not say he was passionate about horse feed, but he is passionate about business and what it takes to run it well.

That is how we met as steve is the host of the Better Business Podcast and squeezing the sponge is his view on getting the most out of life.   

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