It was one of Steves’s dreams to be a teacher of people; it was right up there along with Radio DJ, stand-up comedian, and an author. It has been a journey, but he has achieved them all. 

Our conversion is a recovery journey, not from the usual addiction or problems but from self-depreciation. There is power in what we think, believe or say about ourselves. It is the difference between enjoying or enduring this life journey.

My guest this week is Steve Gamlin, who had a wonderful childhood in the northeast of the US, with great parents, family and friends and incredible memories. It was then that he had those life-shaping dreams: the Radio DJ, Stand-up comedian, an author and a teacher.    

“I’ve managed to enjoy them all, now I have crashed and burned between them, but the seeds and the ashes one always led to the next.”

He went to college doing four years in business studies, scraping his graduation. It did not work for him; he left with his confidence crushed and no self-esteem, broke and sleeping on his grandfather’s sofa.

The impulse to take action. 

A caring friend asked about his radio dreams, which gave him the impulse to act. He borrowed $4000 from his grandfather and did an 8-week broadcasting course, leading to an internship that started a ten-year radio career.

As you will hear, radio is not all it is cracked up to be, but it is not a healthy environment when you are in the public domain and struggling with self-image. 

Steve has achieved all of his dreams from his 11-year-old self, although, in his words, he had to burn his life to ashes every time.

Becoming a teacher of people

What you will hear in this conversion is a man with a lovely radio voice who has turned his life around by carefully managing his thinking. Steve optimises his daily routines to create the life he wants to live.

He hosts the motivational Firewood podcast and works with people to create a back-to-basics positivity through visualisation & humour. Steve is the teacher of people he always wanted to be. Helping people build the necessary mindset to identify their goals, feel sound and smell like.

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