This week I am with Steve Gerein, a musician, entrepreneur, dream follower and co-founder of Songshop an online platform dedicated to bringing musicians and songwriters together. Our conversation is testament to the benefits of coming to personal development work early and the recognition that we are in charge of what we get out of life and how we feel about it. 

As mentioned in my shortcast on Sunday, Steve is one of my younger guests who are taking the information that is readily available and running with it. There really is no excuse any more, Personal Development is mainstream and everything you need to know is available online.

Passion & Dedication

Steve Gerein was raised in a small farming community in the US. As a child he had guitar and piano lessons but wasn’t inspired enough to commit to them as he moved into his teens. It was towards the end of high school when looking for a new hobby he decided to buy himself a new guitar.  He discovered country music and loved it so started to play and became hooked. Not long after that he and some friends formed a country band and have not looked back since.

Steve is still with the group and over the years they have grown together doing gigs and releasing an album which to date has culminated in 3 of their songs hitting the Country chart top 100. Just a point here, Steve is not yet 30… 

Whilst music is his passion, it was not his day job until very recently. It was working as a linesman in the power industry that paid the bills but, as he says, music is his second full time career. 

Coming from a farming community, Steve was raised with a hard work ethic, and a do it yourself mentality. It was this drive that led him to discover more about business and mindset through books and podcasts. I am sure his wife, being a spiritual life coach, will have had some influence too.

Daring To Jump

What makes Steve different is he saw the benefits of personal development early in life and this gave him and his wife the insight to make the big life changing decisions about their future before the golden handshake and comfort of high incomes made it impossible to jump. 

Like most artists, Covid drew a stop to all gigs and concerts. But it also gave him some thinking time and allowed him to see a gap in the industry and he seized the opportunity to fill it.

The hidden truth about the music industry is most musicians need songwriters and unless they have the force of the industry leaders behind them. It is difficult to find good new music, so, together with his partners, Steve has created a system for independent musicians to find independent songwriters and buy their music. It brings the two sides together in a cost effective system that works for both parties.

“We do not want to settle and sit in the same place for 30 or 40 years of our life. We want more.”

Their system is an online service called Songshop. As we were recording this podcast Steve had only just taken the plunge to leave his full time job to focus 100% on his music and this new venture. Songshop is thriving, and it is exciting to hear Steve’s passion for the project.

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