Of all the things I do, talking to people and hearing their stories is right at the top in bringing joy and inspiration to my life. Added to that is the WOW factor of being able to share those stories with you through the Podcast.

The other thing I value is uninterrupted listening. A good conversation broken up with advertising just doesn’t float my boat and neither does the thought of filling my podcast with promotions.

So if listening ad. free is something you value please share your appreciation by buying me a coffee, that way I know the support I receive is because you enjoy the podcast just the way it is.

The other way I know you value my work is through subscriptions. So if you would like to know what’s coming up on the show, and receive notice of new events, resources and offers you can easily keep in touch, and I promise not to swamp your inbox unnecessarily.

Thank you. Your support is valuable to me.