There’s nothing closer to my heart than how we treat each other and how we look after this planet. ‘Sustainable Future Initiatives‘ is a series of podcast interviews with people who are responding to Climate Change by actively taking steps towards a more sustainable future.

After a tsunami of life moments Howard Gunstock has what he describes as ‘Post-Traumatic Growth’. With passion, and determination he has managed to turn a concept business into a reality in just over 12 months.

Whatever your feelings about the cause of climate change, I hope we can agree that living in a cleaner, more equitable world must be good for all life, and the health of the planet on which we depend.

At the time of publishing this show, it is the second week of COP26* where my guest Howard Gunstock will be taking the stage to present his vision at the Zero-Carbon forum. Our conversation is about that vision and the shift in consciousness that made it possible.

From Grief to Inspiration : The Dynamic Shift

Three years ago Howard Gunstock was an HR professional working in people development. It was the start of the worst year of his life. In the space months, all of Howard’s close relationships ended or changed leaving him bereft and believing his life had become meaningless. It was at that point that he heard Greta Thunberg speak at Davos. 

Listening to Greta was the shift in perspective he needed. By his own admission, he’s had an amazing life. Full of opportunity and exploration, enjoying all the benefits of living in a first world nation. The one thing that came home to him during that speech was that he was not putting the planet first.

Our conversation explores Howard’s ‘Road to Damascus’, the background to his project ‘Carbon Kapture’ and his personal shift in consciousness.

The Carbon Kapture Project

The Carbon Kapture project is amazing in its simplicity and holds tremendous potential to set us back on track with reversing climate change.  Putting it into perspective, the project is 30% more productive than Trees for CO2 drawdown. 

As a child, Howard was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up.  His answer was “to be successful”. When asked how, he replied “with my friends of course” and that has been the theme of his journey.

It is his ability to connect with and bring out the best in people that has enabled him to win awards for his work in HR and recruitment. This has also been an asset in the speed of developing the Carbon Kapture project with his friend and partner Dave Walker-Nix.

The speed at which they have launched this project is breathtaking. It’s a testament to what is possible when we have a vision and choose to act on it.

About Making A Difference

This conversation is not quite the normal podcast interview you would expect from me. But it does include all the familiar elements and the usual five questions. The focus is on this inspiring project and the message of hope it brings. I believe it can support us all in making our own personal shift towards a more sustainable future.

I hope you enjoy this conversation and become inspired to act on your own vision.

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