It is our 5th Birthday week, the podcast is 5 years old in the first week of January 2023 and this is our birthday celebration show, well shows. 

The first part covers how the show started and a little bit of what I have discovered. We briefly chatted with the serial entrepreneur Russel Dalglish from the Scottish Business network about personal branding and authenticity.

I try to have a short conversation with the vintage, I mean legendary Prenenter and Speaker Geoff Birch, about customer service and lost parcels.

Both of our guests give us some quick thoughts on the year ahead. 

Plus, we remembered those that have passed in the five years since I started because some of our guests have died.

Simon Jordan and Jim Bliwas were great people and I am privileged to have met them. Also and there was a guest who never made the show as he passed before we could complete his recording.   

Part 2 More Authenticity and leadership

In this part of the show, we continue on the theme of business, looking at social media, authenticity and leadership.

In part 1, Russell Dalgleish was saying how life changed for him when he became authentic in his presentation. That theme was picked up by our next speaker Lisa Barry.

I met Lisa early in 2020, and she had this wonderful plan mapped out for her family and her business. But of course, that was a rather special year, and it didn’t happen. Lisa is an experienced copywriter, She teaches business owners how to create content and be visible on social media. It is about courage and authenticity.

When it comes to authenticity, no one can be more authentic than our next guest, Dr Arthie Moore. She lives in South Africa and is changing the lives of women in that area of diversity. We explore the impact that covid had on leadership and some of the changes that happened in South Africa because of it. It is about leadership and its impact.

Both of these amazing women give their take on 2023.

Part 3 Mindset Food and Fitness

Here are the final three short catch-up interviews with past guests from the show. 

One aspect of the podcast has always been about the whole person, not just the day job. I am interested in how the guest structure their entire life in terms of health, food, fitness and exercise all the things that keep us healthy and make for a good life.

If that was very common amongst so many of our guests was the use of mindset and meditation. I wanted to reconnect with one of our early guests, who was a master at the meditation process.  Terry Sidhu’s book Meditate and its connected resources are perfect for someone looking to bring meditation into their life.

Meditation, journaling and coaching are all paths that lead to self-discovery, another key on the way to a good life.  It was great to catch up with Terry and hear about his work and how he is taking medication into the wider world.

January the time when many start to think about food. My next guest was someone who joined the show in 2019. Dominica Roszko was in marketing, but after ongoing health issues, she explored how food could be both the problem and the solution. 

Dominica is back on the program, giving you a good starting point, what we need to do before changing our diet.

2022 was the year I became a Marathon Runner.

The final speaker in the show’s third part is someone who had inspired me with her drive and determination.  Nicky love is an ultra runner; this lady ran 63 marathons in 63 days. I had just completed a 10K at the time, which gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of her achievement. 

So it was wonderful to reconnect with Nikki from the perspective of now being a marathon runner and share our experience and stories associated with running and looking for adventure. 

Part 3 concludes the retrospective of the last five years.

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