Sunday Reflection 

There was a storm here yesterday and there was a calm in the world this morning so we took a little time to walk by the river.

The point is the path is always there. 

HAVE YOU GOT YOUR TICKET for Spirit-duality 

Over the past month I have had the most fantastic experience speaking to guests from across the world—people who have generously donated their time to share their expertise and knowledge.

Spirit-duality is an exploration of the human being from the perspective of belief, intuition and our connection to something greater than the sum of our parts. 

We are looking at the Science of Spirituality, the energy of Money, what it takes to develop intuition, exploring our senses… and so much more. 
You will discover how it is that some people flow through life even when they are challenged and how they have an inner compass as their guide.

Through exploring these lifes stories we aim to help you find your own compass for these challenging times.

There are 2000 free tickets, come and be part of the community at Spirit- duality and let’s do something extraordinary together. 

Spirit-duality is the 14th to 22nd November and it is an exploration of what it takes to be human and live on a spiritual path.