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Have you ever wondered if you are fully living and bringing your best qualities to the world?

I certainly have, and that is why I created the Podcast and it’s Five Questions.

The Five Questions: Passion Success Contribution Meaning

If you have been following the podcast for a while you will recognise The Five Questions I ask my guests and know that they can be very revealing.

This is because they require digging deep into what is most important and valuable to you. You may even have already considered how you would answer these questions yourself.

The Five Questions Gift

The questions emerged out of my own search for answers and have become a powerful resource for deep discussion. In this eBook, I share my own experiences with the questions and what they have revealed to me through the podcast. I also include some powerful suggestions for living more consciously and abundantly.

The Five Questions Invitation

The Five Questions offer an invitation to take your own journey of self-discovery. Begin to unveil your deepest truths about passion, success, contribution, the meaning of life and the unique qualities you bring to the world.

The worksheets take each of the podcast’s five questions to a deep level, getting you to think about the people and things that influence, support or hold you back from your full potential. They enable you to become truly conscious of what is important to you and why.

The Benefits

With this information you have the potential to steer your life more clearly in the direction you choose, find the people who will support you, and the tools to get you back on track when you find yourself drifting.

I believe that in working consciously and deeply with these questions you have the capacity to bring a lot more joy and purpose to your life.

The Bonus

If the going gets tough, it’s good to know someone has your back. So I have included a £100 discount coupon for my Focus Coaching packages to give you the opportunity for additional support if needed.

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