Prompted by an interesting comment on LinkedIn, this week’s conversation is about the gap between learning and doing.

The comment, posted with a tongue in cheek smile is by Susan Payton asking: “Are there any courses out there on how to stop buying courses?” There are naturally some fun flippant answers including my own. But it did get me thinking, because this is a common problem a lot of us come upon.

The Gap Between Learning & Doing Susan Payton LinkedIn comment.

Chasing the Shiny Object

The reason many of us jump from one course to another is about chasing the elusive shiny object. This is a trap entrepreneurs often fall into.

It regularly occurs when we are following a course with a strategy and hit against something that stops us moving forward. Then along comes another course that catches our attention and promises a better solution. It may offer a simple shortcut that enables us to bypass the thing we are avoiding. So we follow that direction for a while until we hit against something else we’d rather avoid.

Another aspect of chasing courses is due to ‘imposter syndrome’. This is that niggling feeling that we are not good enough or we are missing a vital piece of information that will give us the confidence to believe what others see in us. In other words, by doing this ‘new course’ we will have all the answers and will be able to own our authority on the subject.

Chasing courses in this way is just the busyness of feeling we are making progress. When what is actually happening is we are standing still.

The chances are, that if we are willing to be really honest with ourselves we know what needs doing to move forward, we just don’t want to face it. What is often lacking is the support and motivation to get us passed the blocks and into new territory. Sometimes all we need is the right incentive, like the one I had to get my tax done. Or the one my mentor came up with that involved burning money to get his book written on time.

Solutions For Success

The LinkedIn post started the conversation with my wife about resistance and what gets in the way. It got us thinking about the coaching solutions that support people to move forward. From there the conversation transitioned into the value of rewards and celebrating successes, and resulted in the creation of four new Life Passion & Business Focus Coaching packages.

Focus Coaching bridges the gap between learning and doing by driving you through the challenges.

We have added an incentive to celebrate the successes that take you closer to your goal, and rewards for meeting targets on time.

You can discover more about this on the Focus Coaching page. It’s under the Resources tab on the Life Passion & Business website:

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