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Matt Clark: The Linkedin Rainmaker

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Networking has always been a natural human desire, and while there are some exceptions, most successful people like Matt Clark the Linkedin Rainmaker are those with expansive networks and connections.

To connect is part of the human condition; however, 2020 has been the year that redefined what it means to network, particularly in business.

As a long term user of social media channels, I have watched the pattern change over the last few months. At the beginning of the lockdown, many of the channels went quiet. However, since it became clear that COVID is going nowhere, my Linkedin channel has exploded with people looking to replace their networking options using this online tool. 

Full marks for action but is it the right action when what they want is sales?

Sales for many people is a dirty word but the fact remains that everything we do in life is as the result of a sale of some sort. This week’s podcast is very relevant in a post COVID world as making sales will be key for many businesses returning to life after lockdown. So if you need to make sales and not be sleazy, this is worth a listen.  

The Linkedin Rainmaker

My guest on the show is Matt Clark, known to many as the LinkedIn Rainmaker, he discovered from an early age that he loves to sell.

As a young 18 year old from South Africa living in the UK, he landed a door to door sales job. He was knocking on doors selling gas and electricity, but he had the spark and the zest for it, and was good at meeting the targets. 

Regularly earning close to £1000 per week he knew he had found his role in life. It was big money for a young man, particularly as he came from a poor background; this job opened the opportunity for travel and discovery. 

Are you familiar with Maslow and his hierarchy of needs? Once our basic needs are met, most people look towards self-improvement. Matt was no exception, he used his resources well. 

Fast forward a few years and back in South Africa, he co-founded a telecom sales company at age 23 and grew that to more than 6M in sales in year 3. You guessed it; they did this with door to door sales. 

But here is the thing, instead of enjoying this success he ended up completely burnt out. That business could not function without him; he was the sales kingpin, and they had built this business using a physical paper system, not a computer in sight..

The Linkedin Rain-Maker
Kelly Clark, Wesley Longueira, Matt Clark and Arthie Moore

He stopped knocking on the physical doors and worked out how he could do it virtually. This is the story of his journey into sales automation using online systems and networking skills.  While it is about making sales, it is also about connecting with people and creating real relationships. 

It is the story of how Matt went on to co-develop a flagship programme with his business partner, Wesley Longueira. Together they form the LinkedIn Rainmaker and have helped thousands of businesses in 26 countries grow exponentially.

They are now on a mission to reach 10k businesses worldwide and build a vibrant community of Rainmakers!

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Matt Clark.

If you would like to connect with Matt you can find him on Linkedin.
Send him a DM message to let him know that you heard him on this podcast. 


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