Could you create a Million Dollar year?  Is it possible to create that level of wealth in one year without stealing it or winning it? More the point would earning or getting $1 million or pounds in 2024 make you happy, more the point do you believe it is possible?

I ask the question because there is an experiment starting on the 1st of January The Million Dollar Year that might be of interest. There is a cost of entry at $25, and there is an opportunity to get that money back or even earn a commission before the project starts.  

In this podcast, we are exploring the energy of money, our beliefs around it and how you might change it and become open to opportunity.

The Energy of Money

Money is one of those things in life where there is some duality. We all need it and accept that it’s important to us, but we are often reluctant to say how important it is. There is an energy of money, and it is wonderful when it’s abundant. However, when there is a lack of money in life, everything becomes more difficult.

So would a million dollars of pounds make me happy? Yes, of course it would. But so would 100k or 50K. All of these sums would open new doors and opportunities.  

Given that we all would like to create some ease around income, how could we make it happen? One of the biggest blocks to creating more wealth is our mindset and how we are around the energy of money. 

That energy is the balance between wanting, needing, receiving and giving. There is a flow when that balance is right; the money comes. We have had several speakers on the podcast that looked to explain the process.

It is often thought about as a bit woo-woo, with words like manifestation, abundance and the law of attraction. I realised some months back that vision boards, affirmations and business plans have a lot in common. They hold the goal within our attention, and where attention goes, the energy flows. It is where we take action.

Without action, nothing happens. It is very raw for someone to set an intention and dream of big money coming into existence; it is not impossible, but someone has to win the lottery when they buy a ticket.

The Million Dollar Year

I was talking about money with a very good friend of mine. Jane had just moved on from her current business and was looking into the world for what to do in the coming year. An invitation dropped into her inbox asking the question about A Million dollar Year ; the idea was so intriguing she signed up.

The event will be hosted by Joanna Hunter

She is a published author, Spiritual Life and Business Coach, and Lifelong student of Metaphysical Science, currently completing her doctorate in metaphysical science.  Metaphysical science is a fascinating subject and worth a conversation, but not today.

In 2021 Joanna Hunter asked the question could she help people create $1,000,000 in one year. She launched the experiment, and 4303 took part; 1 in every 287 hit the $ 1 million goal, and over 72% saw a positive change in their mindset around money.

Joanna is launching the event for 2024 and it starts on 1st January. It is about creating a mindset and taking action to get you where you want to be, and it is only $25 to take part.

When I read this, my critic jumped in, and I started doing the maths,  287 out of 4000  is only 15 people. But that is 15 new millionaires and much higher odds than winning the lottery.

I have joined up because I have money blocks just like everyone else, so if you want a change in 2024 join us and see what is possible.

The Million Dollar Experiment

Joanna’s programme features training a plan a tracking system and a support group.

I signed up last week, at $25 dollar as it is a no-brainer, plus everyone can be an affiliate on 50% commission. So if just two people from my audience join, I have covered my cost.

This is not a pyramid thing, and it is just a tool to encourage everyone to share the opportunity, get more people involved, and change mindsets around money.

If you are curious, check out the details now. You can discover everything you need to know about Joanna Hunter and the event. What have you to lose? If it changes your money mindset,  2024 might become a very different year for you.

Warning: As with all of these things, there is no guarantee; it will not be a free ride, and there will be work to do, But just like the lottery, unless you buy a ticket, it is very hard to win.

I really hope you join us in the experiment; who knows what is possible.  

The Million Dollar Year

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