Today is the day on the show is Delora Guignion. She is the Mindsex Mentor. I know I’ve kept you waiting for this one. It’s a great interview and I’m going to make you wait just a little bit longer.

The Lochness Running Festival

This weekend was the Loch Ness running Festival with a marathon the 10K and 5k races. The organisation of the event was fantastic, there were over 4500 runners taking part. There were thousands of people in the town and road closures everywhere.

My entry into the 10K and that was a strange story, I have been running for a while and I’ve mentioned on the podcast before and I had no real sense of why I was running.

It is something that I just kept doing you can find about my journey on other episodes of this programme.

I was in many minds about racing and paid my money with just 15 minutes to go before the closing deadline. In all of my running around Forres, I do 10K in about 1hour plus. That is a good time but for the race, I decided to aim at 55 minutes.

Suprise and Success

The weather was kind cool and dry. I had a couple of surprises, at the start, I was struck by the silence and the strange sound of so many people running. ( and I so wish I could have recorded the sound for you) It was the noise of people around me running with different footfalls and cadence and breathing. It was like a strange river a sort of flowing rushing sound broken by a cough or foot skid.

My second surprise, my emotional state. I remember getting to the 2k and feeling a wave of emotion passing up my chest into my throat. I was neither happy or sad but tears were in my eyes.

Overall I remember little else, overtaking people, seeing people by the wayside clapping and final run to the finish. I completed the race at 51 minutes 40 seconds, a time I am well pleased with.

I think I will continue to explore my passion through running. But it may not be about entering races.

Now let’s meet the Mindsex Mentor.

Delora and I are facebook friends, we are in a marketing an accountability group. She promotes herself as a MindsexThe Mindsex Mentor Mentor. She works with both men and women, combining mindset and sexual energy

In her words ” To create sizzle between the sheets, passion in their life AND profit in their business.”

Her work is about eliminating shame, guilt and sabotage around sex, money and power. It is about open communication and declared desires.

Delora works closely with clients to have the sex life, business and life they truly desire. Because again in her words

” life is too short to settle for anything less.’

Nope hope you enjoy the conversation with Delora Guignion

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The Mindsex Mentor

Delora Guignion