The polymath, what is that?

Some people have never heard of the word polymath, and they need to. Many of the world’s most famous scientists and thinkers were polymaths. People who had a wide range of interests and who could turn their hand to most things and explore it all. Think of Leonardo Da Vinci, and many of the great thinkers who have changed our world were multi-disciplined. That ability to see across a broad field made them so successful.

The derogatory name for a polymath is the jack of all trades and the master of none.

That was a label I carried for years, sort of given to me by my mother and hinted at by a few people over time. That is the point have I the ability to do many things, and it is time to celebrate my diversity.

Our show today has no guest; it is about my polymathery and how the podcast is changing so that I can explore my passions and interest across many fields.

Check out the show as we explore where we are going next.

It is all very exciting.

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