This weeks thoughts about coincidence are prompted by a podcast interview with one of my guests who has strong Christian beliefs and is in regular communication with (what for her is) God. She runs her entire life based on the guidance she receives and it clearly works.

Some might say this is just coincidence. I personally believe it is something more. In fact ‘coincidence’ is such a regular part of my life that I am rarely fazed by it and have almost come to expect it. I don’t call this God, but for me it is still feels like the guiding hand of unseen help.

I know many people who connect with an unseen force and have different ways of explaining it. Our Spirit-duality event significantly highlighted this for me and more recently I am reading Perry Marshall’s latest book and discovering a lot of people are working directly with what they call ‘Memos From Head Office. It’s a fascinating subject, and yet it is still rarely openly talked about.

How does coincidence figure in your life? Do you call it God, or something else?

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