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The Short Casts

What started as a simple idea looks like it is going to grow. The best plans seem to happen that way. The current short casts are below, the plan is to grow these with tips and processes from my guests.

Morning Routines

We all have one, even if it is just tumble out of bed pile into the shower wash the night away, raise the rest of the family get kids to school and get to the day job without having a major mishap.

The Wellness Spiral

This shortcast is about mindset and what I call Wellness Spiral. This is my management process and keeps me moving in the right direction. There is no magic here. It is my visualisation of a process, I share it here so that you may find your own.

how do you make choices?

I’ve come to the realisation this week that I’m not making enough choices.

I’m not making quick decisions, I am dithering over my choices and not being decisive. I wonder what that was about, is there too much choice in my life?