However we look at life, most of us would agree that a good life is a journey that we share with someone special. A partnership or marriage where we are seen, honoured and loved for who we are. It is a life success goal for most people.

But life goes up and down, relationships and marriages often fail. Thankfully most societies have moved on from the stigma associated with a marriage failure. 

However the truth of that for many people finding “the one” can be a bumpy journey with high lows and lots of pain or disappointment. 

This brings me to our conversation today with Tim Kellis and he is on a mission to solve what he calls the marriage problem.Tim started his career early with a fascination with engineering in high school. He went to college and got an engineering degree and went into the world of business.

His first job was with AT&T he was at the start of the telecoms growth bubble, he did well and moved on to the analysis and finance side of the industry. He got an MBA along the way and ended up on Wall Street as the first semiconductor analyst.

He made his mark advising on stocks and making lots of money.

Life was fun. He travelled, lived in eight cities and enjoyed life.

However, while he dated, he had not found ‘The One’, the one woman that he could spend his life with. And then he did!

Tim was in his late 30’s and he finally got together with a woman that mattered. She was ‘The One’ and they were going to spend the rest of their lives together. Then it all went wrong, they both wanted it to work, tried all of the therapies and counselling but that just made it worse.

It all came to a crisis point when the stock market crashed, his job went and his relationship ended. It became Tims’s mission to explore the relationship industry. With his engineering and analytical skills, he read over 100 books in 10 months and then went off to Costa Rica to be a nomad and write his own book on the subject. 

Our conversation is about Tim’s journey through the marriage guidance industry and the development of his process to support people in their relationships.

Today he speaks on stages across the world and has a thriving Facebook community with over 20,000 people.

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