Welcome to the programme and what an amazing week it’s been. In addition to talking to Tracey Rampling Brown about a 20-year journey and a leap of faith. I am having some amazing conversations with people from all walks of life that I would never have spoken to before.

The conversations are all down to the virtual events, the latest being Spirit-duality. This week I have spoken to a Jesuit, a Rabi, an Intuitive Storyteller and I have scheduled a conversation with an Astronaut! More details below the show notes.

Back to today’s guest Tracey Rampling Brown

Back in April, when I was planning my first event and looking for speakers via a string of social connections I landed a call with Tracey Rampling Brown. I was met with her bright Australian accent and we hit it off immediately. Then I discovered she was living near Turin, Italy. She had relocated the family 18 month previously and life was ‘interesting’ as they were in the middle of a full COVID lockdown.

Tracey was a great asset to the event, and she came back and did another session in my second event. But all the while I was aware there was a story.

What is it that makes a family relocate to the other side of the world?

It turns out that the move was the culmination of a 20-year journey and a leap of faith. Tracey and her husband were both born to families that travelled a lot through their work. They know the benefits that travel and new environments can bring and wanted their children to have the same experience.

This podcast is her story. The journey of turning a dream into a new family life became a reality which meant a big change, a leap of faith and trusting in a little magic.

Using that experience and some retraining, Tracey has built a new career as a ‘Mindset and Manifestation Coach’ working with heart-centred women looking to bring a bit of magic into their own lives.

Tracey’s style is a blend of woo-woo with equal measures of science to back it up. She combines elements of Positive Intelligence, traditional and appreciative coaching methodologies with the Law of Attraction, Reiki and Tarot/Oracle reading!

I hope you enjoy this week’s conversation with Tracey Rampling Brown. If you would like to get in touch with Tracey you can reach her through the links below.

Tracey Rampling Brown Links:

As with all projects that are driven by passion and enthusiasm, this event grew out an internal inquiry…

Why do my Podcast Guests Skirt Around The Spirituality Conversation?

…which gets bigger and wider. There is a sense of wonder and synchronicity that comes from the connections and conversations we have.

Spirit-duality is a bit like a Spiritual Christmas Hamper full of delicious goodies. When you dive in, you discover a lot of things you’ve never tried before. Some you’ll love, some you won’t, but unless you try them, you will never know. 

The event is in two sections: 5 days of Inspiring Conversations (that is the diving into the Christmas Hamper bit) and 2 days filled with empowering activities or coaching sessions (the bit where you get to taste all the goodies!)

Take a look at our Event Page HERE

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