Today my guest is Tracy Lamourie and our conversation is about her passion for Activism and International PR.

Tracy always wanted to be a writer or a journalist, so began with the school newspaper. But by nature she has always been an activist. With her striking red hair and wicked sense of humour I can see why she is now an undeniable force in the world. Today she is an award-winning international publicist, but that wasn’t her original plan.

Tracy met her husband, Dave Parkinson through a chance meeting when she was in her early 20s. Together they explored their mutual interest in advocacy work, racism, sexism and activism.  Then went on to co-hosted a radio show called Uppercut on CIUT Toronto where they explored these topics. 

Building A Reputation In Activism & PR

Tracy and Dave became advocates for Jimmy Dennis while exploring the arena of wrongful convictions and the death penalty state side. Their campaign secured Jimmy’s release in 2015, by which time he had been on death row for 20 years. Tracy’s drive and passion to get Jimmy’s story heard is what contributed to his freedom today. Since his release Jimmy has become a recording artist.

Tracy has always been passionate about human rights and giving a voice to the unrepresented. Working on the campaign for Jimmy and others enabled her to develop her skills in PR and Media relations. She has learned how to harness this power to the best advantage.

“Over the years our pro bono work got our advocacy featured in media worldwide from Der Speigal in Germany to CNN to the front pages of newspapers in Florida and Texas”

Tracy’s Media & PR Business

Recognising this was her niche, Tracy began developing it as her business in 2015. The business, now known as Lamourie Media and her success is signified with Media and PR awards. Tracy is frequently quoted on Human Rights issues and is a known Public Relations thought leader. She is also a regular guest on TV, Radio and Podcasts worldwide on topics of ‘Leadership, Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship’. 

“With my clients, I seek to amplify, elevate and celebrate.” 

Tracy is sharp witted and has a lot to say, which is probably the contributing factor for the reason she speaks quickly. I had to slow her down a few times to take it all in, but I hope you enjoy this fast pacing conversation with Tracy Lamourie.

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