What is truth, and who decides what is true? 

Join me in a conversation about truth polarity and the desire to be right.

Yes, I have been there, fighting for a position because it was essential to be right.

I am sure we have all been in that position.

In this show, we will look at the implications and how you might start to build bridges to overcome polarisation in yourself and others.

From my work on the podcast, listening and reading, I have concluded that in most life situations, it is only facts that are true. We get into disagreements with the interpretation of facts or the meaning of the facts if true, which is the cause of the sometimes heated debate.

Many stated facts are agreements that people, governments and countries have decided are true. Just look to the past; 100 years ago, women had fewer rights than men because that was the agreement. ( by the men) 

Mainstream news, social media, politics, and almost everything seem to function by the shared agreement of groups of people.  But it is also creating a world where polarity is the norm; there will always be opposition.

1) How and why is polarity such a common experience? 

2) How will we create a good life for ourselves and those around us unless we can find a place of standard agreement? 

Where are your triggers, what is your polarity and what is it about that polarity that makes you want to defend it?

Join me for the discussion and explore it for yourself.
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