My guest on the show today is a Transformational Coach working with professional women. Tulay Massey was born in Turkey and as a dutiful daughter, she studied hard and received a scholarship to an English University where she achieved a Degree and PhD in Food Science.

She secured her first job in the coffee industry where she stayed for 19 years. First successfully developing products and ultimately developing people.  It was the process of working with people and seeing the transformation that inspired her most.

In 2017 a viral infection took her to bed for over 7 weeks and allowed her time to evaluate her life. It was listening to the ‘Mind Your Business podcast no. 114 that changed her perspective and opened the door to an opportunity in the coaching industry that she hadn’t considered before.

As Tulay says:

” I failed many of my goals but always achieved my dreams.” 

Coming from industry, she understands the pressure and challenges faced by high achieving professional women. It is her mission to help them change from people-pleasers into conscious ‘Heart-Centred Creators’ who find their purpose, meaning and self-worth’ 

This conversation fits very well with January’s theme of setting goals and intentions.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Tulay Massey. 


  4.00 early life in the coffee industry

 9.00 personal development and seeking new opportunities

 11.20  life-changing podcast

 13.00 coaching and first clients

 15.30 the truth about weight loss

 16.00 what is success for you

 18.00 the power of Personality tests

 19.00 the journey to Stomach bigger 

 20.00 failing my goals but reaching my dreams.

 24.40 contribution

 26.00  the big secret

 29.30  we have the choice to stay where we are and move forward everyday

 31.00 knowing what you want

 33.00  working with professional women

 36.00 why we are here the meaning of life.

 38.00 stop waiting for life to begin

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