The Naked Truth is the Diary of a Glamour Model. I’m thrilled to share an incredible conversation with Vicki Rebecca. Vicki’s story is nothing short of mesmerizing. Once a glamorous page three girl and Marilyn Monroe look-alike, she lived the high life in London but battled a dark secret – a severe heroin addiction. Her journey from addiction to becoming a hypnotist, NLP practitioner, and author is a testament to resilience and transformation.

In her candid memoir, “The Naked Truth: The Diary of a Glamour Model,” Vicki unveils the raw and unfiltered realities of her past, including the trauma that fueled her addiction. It’s a story of pain, recovery, and, ultimately, healing. We dive into her modelling days, the camaraderie behind the scenes, and the pivotal moments that led her back to Aberdeen, where she rebuilt her life.

Trigger Warning: no details are given, but we discuss the nature of Vicki’s trauma.   

We also touch on her transition to fitness and therapy, her spiritual awakenings, and the profound impact of writing her memoir. Vicky’s honesty and humour shine through, making this conversation as entertaining as it is enlightening.

Join us as we explore Vicky’s remarkable life story – it’s a journey of redemption, empowerment, and finding meaning. Plus, find out how to get your hands on her book and connect with her online.

Her book is available from her website in bookshops and, of course, online retailers.


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