I had heard it said that for most people, 50% of our battles had been won before we got here. It is hard to appreciate what some people go through until you hear stories in the media or on podcasts like mine. 

Our conversation today is a story of trauma, forgiveness and healing. It has a happy ending, but wow, the journey to get there was hard.  

Wendy Hargett was born on a wooden fishing boat in Hawaii, the third unwanted child in a  low-income family. 

She was adopted within weeks, but it was an unstable relationship, and her adoptive parents divorced when she was still in nappies. Her adoptive father brought her up in a single-parent family, which were some of her happiest memories.

Her grandmother became a pivotal figure in her young life, and that relationship will become significant later. 

The family moved a lot for economic reasons, and while it was loving childhood, it was not happy. Her father eventually remarried when she was seven; sadly, her stepmom was abusive. Three years later, she was shipped off across the country to a religious commune, which was also abusive.  

Rejected by her family again, she could see no end to her mystery and tried to take her life. ( she was 10), it was the first of many times where she considered ending it all. 

I felt like a disposable child. I felt like gods biggest mistake when I was born

She did not believe that she was good enough for a college education and way forward.

Wendy worked in the airline industry and moved on to become a special ed teaching assistant. She was always interested in writing and became a copywriter. She had children and vowed to be the best mother she could be. 

However, her past would not go away, and she was living a life with unresolved trauma.

A copy-writing conference in Las Vegas changed it all for her. She met a soul-sister, a woman who became a dear friend and kick-started the healing journey.     

Our conversation is about that transformation; it is about releasing the past’s fear, anger, and frustration. Moving through her pain and discovering her true I AM. 

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