If you are asking “What is a Podcast and how do I listen to it?” then this is the page for you. It’s a straightforward simple explanation to help you understand how to access the vast number of interesting topics and resources available on podcasts.

What Is A Podcast?

A podcast is basically an independent radio programme that anyone can create. What is amazing about them is, just like a YouTube video, they are easy to listen to and the topics of conversation are very diverse appealing to all interests and all ages.

The advantage they have over video is that you can listen to them anywhere, even when you are driving, cooking or doing household chores.

How Are Podcasts Created?

The podcaster (presenter) creates the recording using their preferred technology and uploads it to the internet, sometimes to their own website or directly to one of the available apps. From there it can be syndicated to other apps making it easily available to everyone. Life Passion & Business Podcast is uploaded to Podbean.

How Do I Listen To Them?

So long as you have internet connection, you can listen to a podcast on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. They are often available on the podcaster’s website, but mostly listened to using an app that you install on your device.

The most common device used is a smartphone. Using the app it allows you to select from a range of programmes and stream them using WiFi or 4G data.

What Does Streaming Mean?

‘Streaming’ is the the way the recording is transmitted or received through the computer network. It allows you to listen to a live recording or to playbacks of previously uploaded recordings. You simply press the play button and can fast-forward or rewind in the same way you can with video.

Which App Should I Use?

The app you use will be dependent on the device you have. If your phone is an Apple device (iPhones, iPads) it will have a built-in Podcast app known as iTunes or Apple Podcasts.

Other phones like Google, Samsung, Sony, Alcatel and Huaweiuse use the Android system which has a range of different apps. and you can choose whichever you prefer. Although Stitcher is popular, it doesn’t support the time and effort podcaster’s put into their show notes and rarely includes the links that have been included. So personally I wouldn’t recommend it.

Below are some examples of podcast apps. If you click into the links they will take you directly to the Life Passion & Business channel on that app. and you can see the differences in the way information is displayed.

Podbean podcast app link
Apple podcast app link
Spotify podcast app link

Podbean is the best option for Life Passion & Business. This is because we upload our recordings there and can ensure that all the links and information guests provide is included. We are also able to include other information on the home page, such as Tags that make it easy to find the topics you are interested in and links to promotions or other services available here on the Life Passion & Business website.

You Can Also Download Podcasts

Downloading a podcast allows the programme to be stored and accessed via MP3 players that have no internet connection. This allows you to listen to the programme while on the move, on public transport, in the car or at the gym.

Saving Your Favourite Channels

If you decide that you like a podcast series, you can ‘Subscribe’ Follow or mark it as a ‘Favourite’. That means any new podcasts will be automatically available on your device.

Discover More About The Channels You Enjoy

Although listening to your favourite podcasts on an app is convenient and flexible, there is also an advantage to finding the podcaster’s website. Often they have other services or products that you may enjoy.

Have a look around the Life Passion & Business website to discover what else I do.

I hope you enjoy exploring this new medium and that you stick around to listen to my latest podcasts HERE at the heart of Life Passion & Business.