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What is a Podcast?

What is it and how do I listen to it?

Here is a straightforward explanation for people who have never heard or experienced a podcast.

A podcast is a radio programme that has been saved onto a hard drive or even put onto a CD. What is amazing about them is, just like a YouTube video, anyone can make one and they are easy to listen to.

These programmes can be made available on traditional media, however, most are stored in the ‘cloud’ and are available through an internet connection. You can access a podcast through your computer smartphone or tablet.

Podcast Streaming

‘Streaming’ is the action of listening to a podcast through a website. Most devices will do this as long as there is an internet connection. You simply visit the website and press the play button. There is a player below as an example.

You Can Also Download Podcasts

Downloading a podcast allows the programme to be stored and accessed via MP3 players that have no internet connection. It allows listening while on the move, on public transport, in the car or at the gym.

Most People Use Smartphone Apps

The most common podcast device is the smartphone using an app. It allows you to select from a range of programmes. You can stream them while on WiFi or using 4G data. Or you can download and store them on your phone.

What Apps To Use

The apps will be dependent on the device. If your phone is an Apple device (iPhones, iPads) it will have a built-in Podcast app called iTunes.

Other phones like Google, Samsung, Sony, Alcatel and Huaweiuse use the Android system where there is a range of apps. The most popular app is Stitcher as it works well on all android devices.

Life Passion & Business is registered at PodBean and you can find the link here:

If you decide that you like a podcast series, you can also ‘Subscribe’ or mark it as a ‘Favourite’. That means any new podcasts will be automatically available on your device.