What is Passion and it is the same as excitement? On the podcast today I thought to test the radio format and put together segments to create a show. I have to say it is more difficult than it looks. It has given me a new appreciation for radio production.

So join me on my outside broadcast during an early morning walk. The topic today is the connection between excitement and passion. First, you will hear my experience of both, and then we explore the conversation with Lisa Avery

The problem with being outside is.

You have to speak to people when they pass, and there are distractions, It was early in the morning when I decided to make this recording. Walking by a small burn the sun was filtering through the trees and in the field opposite were horses. It was a fantastic little scene that took my breath away and was photo-worthy. As I said being outside is distracting taking the picture took my mind off the conversation and how to use the voice recorder…

The 5 Day Challenge

Also during the programme, there is early notice for a 5-day challenge created by Lisa using the tools of positive physiology. The challenge will take you from your current state and vision and show the potential of a new vision for yourself. It is a journey, and you can find out more about it on the podcast. If you want to skip forward, you will find it at 9 minutes.

Next week

I’m returning to the interview format, and they’ll be a guest interview with someone who is very much involved in the exploration of people’s passion, that I should be available next Tuesday

Note: We had a change of plan and where I was getting one person, I now have two people on the show. The Ferdman brothers will be my first podcast with multiple guests. The show will be available from the 14th August.

As for future discussions I have lots of requests out, and there are some interesting people in the diary.  I would like to have a more feminine perspective on the podcast. So far I have noticed that it’s the bold American men that step forward. “yeah I’ll be on your show”. The women I approach are not stepping forward.

Hopefully, I that will change that in the next few weeks, and we’ll get some ladies to tell us their side of the story.

That’s it for now.

I hope you enjoy the show and I will catch you soon.

If you would like to know more about the five-day challenge that is coming up please put your details in the box below and we will let you know as soon as it becomes available.