Welcome to the Sunday reflection, today we’re talking about happiness.

A few days ago I heard a TED talk, the director of a long-term study that started in the 1930s was sharing his reflections. The study was in the USA and started 75 years ago and was on 1000 guys in their second year at college and 1000 guys who were in very poor surroundings in Boston.

They have followed those men every single year for the last 75 years. So now in their 80’s there are 60 left, but lots of data to draw on about these people and what happened to them throughout their lives.

What was interesting to me is that some of these 80-year-olds are very content and happy with their lives and it turns out that the happiest of them had one thing in common.

Happiness is also linked to my last podcast with John Purkiss, with ideas on contribution, and being in the moment.

The next podcast is on Wednesday 22nd and that will be with Greg Fearon who is a transformational health coach.

Thanks for listening.