Are you writing it down? Our conversation on this show is about the value of writing and journaling. It is also about discovering the gold when we have an established writing practice. 

I was in a session with a coach/facilitator some 30 years back. I concluded our discussion, and he asked why I was not writing down my discovery.

“If you are not writing it down, you choose not to remember.”

“It’s Ok. I will remember it.” That led to an explanation as to why our brains or minds are not trusted to recall ideas, agreements or essential information. Particularly if those thoughts contradict our set ideas or regular patterns of thinking. 

The point is we remember what we want and not what is always essential.

Writing it down in a Journal

I have been journaling on and off for over ten years, starting with morning pages from “The Artist’s Way”  (Julia Cameron) and moving through various forms and styles until my current process, which is just a page of journaling, the bullet style. 

A journal is a place to process stuff, explore ideas and ask questions.  The spark for this conversation was the discovery of  “Jour-mining” which is journal mining.

I discovered on Friday that I had not maintained the index for the last 20-plus entries. So on going back to read and update the index, I found a cornucopia of ideas and workflows for the podcast and Events I had written and just forgotten.

It brought home the importance of solid writing practice. Without that discipline, these thoughts would have been lost.

So do you have a writing practice? Are you writing it down?  

In this podcast, I mention the Journal Writers Companion by Alyss Thomas 

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