How do you deal with change, are you embracing change?

My guest on the show is Zak Moore; he was lucky to witness change early in his career. He sees change as an opportunity to find our gifts and give them away.

In his early years, Zak was good at maths and physics, which led to university and on to  Aberdeen for work in the oil and gas industry. 

He was encouraged to move south with a company going into project management and consultancy. It was the mid-80s, and computers were appearing in the office. One of the first machines was given to the youngster ( Zak ) to sort it out. 

Zak discovered the power of spreadsheets and witnessed how automation changed the office beyond recognition over the next few years. 

It set him on a path of learning and development in the technology sector. The zenith of his technology career was in 2000, when he managed a large development team from oxford and Cambridge. Together they created a digital music system that paid artists for downloads.

That was two years before the apple iPod, but needles to say, Apple won that game, and Zak was out of a job. He went back to writing code and took on a part-time MBA course

What inspired him most was the module on creative problem solving, and he developed a methodology to support companies in agile thinking.

It went very well until 2015 when an ear infection spread to his brain and became meningitis, which put him into a coma. The condition swells the brain, leaving them with physical and mental changes if the patient survives. Sometimes it creates a whole new personality.

Zak’s survived, possibly because of his ability to embrace change, which supported him through the difficult road to recovery. As you will hear in the intro, he had some beautiful experiences with synesthesia. While struggling with issues of sight, hearing and balance, he decides to take on a marathon challenge to raise money for a meningitis charity. 

Our conversation is not about technology; it is about change, the books and reading that supported him. But it is a bigger story, Zak was always a deep thinker, and meningitis has given him a new take on the world.

“When you get hit with something, you can always get something good to come out of it. “

We speak about change, how society follows trends, the coming of AI, and how gaming and gamification will change the world.

Today Zak builds and runs computer systems and supports people and companies in the techniques of agile thinking.

Let’s join the conversation with Zak Moore.

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