The Loss of Rituals

Today’s Sunday reflection is all about rituals and how we have let them pass. Why were they so powerful why did we let them go?  As mentioned a bit our new event is the seed for these conversations. Spirit duality is the 14th to 22nd November I hope you will Read more…

Nikki Love : A Little Dash of Crazy

Nikki Love : A Little Dash of Crazy

Nikki was a guest on the podcast in March 2019. At the time we were celebrating the launch of her first book “Chasing Extraordinary” and today we celebrate the launch of the second book; With A Little Touch Of Crazy – 63 Marathons in 63 days Adventure.

Tom Liebelt Smart Brand Marketing Podcast Interview

Tom Liebelt : Smart Marketing

Tom is one of those guys who sees an opportunity and makes it work. He has published around 5000 Kindle books and has built a successful SEO. He now has a thriving business employing a team of people creating and marketing online courses. All of it bootstrapped and done with zero outside funding.

Patrick M Powers - The Power of Networking podcast interview feature

Patrick M Powers : The Power of Networking

At 21 Patrick made the decision to start his own business. When it failed the consequences were losing his home and most of his money.

Fast forwarding to today, Patrick now runs one of the largest online business networking organisations in Europe with 27,000 members. He has become an expert in influence marketing and copywriting. So of course, there is a story to be told.

Greg Fearon Project FIT Podcast Interview

Greg Fearon : Project FIT

“Growing up, I was the classic fat kid that was rubbish at sport.”

Greg Fearon and Project FIT help Senior Management Professionals, lose weight & get healthy through nutrition and training.

John Purkiss The Power of Letting Go podcast interview

John Purkiss : The Power of Letting Go

John Purkiss is my guest on this double show. He is a headhunter, ex-banker and 3 times published author. His latest book is The Power of Letting Go and it explores his journey from the logical thinker to mindfulness, and living life in the moment.