I woke up this morning with thoughts about achievement, struggle and flow and this topic seems fitting for today’s shortcast reflection.

The thoughts were prompted by a conversation earlier in the week with someone who is currently caught in struggle. I was reflecting on what that was about for them and more generally, why we sometimes choose to stay with the struggle and why other times we refuse to.

It seems that there are some people, for whom life always seems to flow, whereas for others it seems to be a perpetual struggle. What is that all about?

I remember a quote from Wayne Dyer…

“Don’t Die With The Music Still In You”

For me this is about exploring life, achieving things and having stories to tell in the process. Most achievements require effort and action of some kind and the struggle seems to happen when the inner picture and the outer experience are out of alignment.

Struggle and flow have a lot to do with how we perceive life and what we truly desire. When the goal is strong, it is worth every effort to achieve and the journey is an adventure. When the goal is not the main objective we have to make a choice about whether the pain of getting there is worth the effort. That is when we either choose to stay with the intention or release it to get on with something else.

I relate to this with the example of my desire to run a marathon. To meet that achievement there has to be an effort and I have a choice in how I go about it.

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