On the show we are exploring the process of being the observer, and why it is a useful technique for self-discovery and resilience. There are a couple of techniques that I use to connect with the observer.  But why is it useful? 

Observation, we watch people go by, and we watch for traffic when crossing the road, but what about watching our thoughts?

One of the challenges of being human is that we stick to what we know, what we want or what we have experienced. It is hard to let go of ideas both past and present and see the hear and now.  But when we let go of the pictures, we create space for something new.

It is our ego that demands that we hold the picture or stick to what we know. So how do we let go when it is our desire to hold on? 

One answer is to practice being the observer of our thoughts. It is the foundation of mindfulness practice and one of the tools explored in the Book “ The Power of Letting Go”

See my podcast from Wednesday with John Purkiss.

How to be the Observer

The best place to develop the observer is in mediation, but there are other options. I found running was the best place for me. It’s rhythm and movement, but for me, the location is also important. 

What I noticed from being the Observer both in my running and using it during a repetitive task is that when I get to that place my mind is pretty silent I don’t have the chatter the judgements and things have dropped, it is incredibly peaceful.

The point is developing a practice of mind observation provides a tool that can be used in a stressful situation where it can bring clarity and open the door to fresh thinking. 

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