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Frankie Fihn : Speaker, Entrepreneur & Master of the Mystical Arts

Disclosure: This podcast may contain adult content.

This podcast was created and published in June 2018. However as Frankie was one of the speakers at our recent Reasons & Results summit, it felt like a good time to pull it out of the archives and give it a chance to heard again.

Frankie Fihn is a marketing connection that I  met through Facebook, and whilst I did not know his full story, there was something in what he was saying that caught my attention. Like many of my connections, he seemed to have the ideal life of travel and exotic locations.

I went straight into this recording without any preconception, and I have to say it may trigger you as it touches on the use of an illegal substance Ayahuasca. Full disclaimer here as this is by no means an advocation of its use. However, it is a fascinating story.

Frankie Fihn is outwardly successful, he is a well-known speaker, entrepreneur and by his description a Master of the Mystical Arts. He operates a coaching and consulting business for lawyers and builds creative marketing systems. He has a laptop lifestyle allowing him to travel and experience the world with his partner.

However, since his exploration of life through Ayahuasca he looks at the world through a different lens. He calls himself a shaman and in his coaching he uses intuition and vibration to work with people on a different level.

The entrepreneurial lifestyle is often held up as a chalice, yet in reality it is difficult. Frankie supports clients to express and release fears, frustration and self-sabotage. He helps them bring more colour, vibrancy and meaningful connections into their lives, all while increasing their business and personal freedom.

It was a great conversation as you will hear Frankie had a real perspective on the big questions of success, passion, and the meaning of life.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Frankie Fihn

You can Find Frankie here on Facebook

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