Could you be a freedom seeker? But what is freedom, and how do you find what you truly want? Our guest on the show is a man who set out in life to find out what it was he wanted before committing to a path. 

Jordan Tait was born in Canada. His father was a carpenter, and the perfect role model to show that building or fixing anything is possible.  

On leaving the university after studying geography, Jordon followed the practical side of life and started a painting business with a difference. It was just about making and saving every dollar for six months until he hit a target. The business would go on hold while he travelled.

The Freedom Seeker

Over five years, he visited over 40 countries, living the backpacking lifestyle. He learned so much on his travels and was different every time he returned home.

By his mid-20s, the idea of being a painter for life did not fit with his dreams or who he had become. However, a coaching opportunity appeared where he could coach people to start their own painting business, and that was much more interesting.

It opened the door to scratch the travel itch as he travelled all over the US and Canada. It is interesting how travelling for yourself feeds the soul, but lots of travelling for work every week eventually leads to burning out. 

Now, with a life partner, they both decided to quit their jobs and travel to Australia. The timing was just before COVID… and Australia’s tough initial reaction; the closing of the country worked in their favour and led to them discovering how they wanted to live when they returned to Canada.

Ever the freedom seeker, on returning to Canada he bought a 21ft school bus and converted it into a camper and continued his exploration of the wild places in his home country.

It is a lovely story and shows how purposeful intention is the path to build the life you want. Jordan is all about personal development and continuing his exploration of life and its opportunities.

Today, Jordan runs his own consulting business; he calls himself a business and lifestyle coach who helps underpaid and overworked owners grow their income while working fewer hours.

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