My guest on the show began her career as a teacher, and while she left it behind long ago, she still retains that awareness into her business. Lisa Barry Mission led content, is all about getting business owners to align with their mission and values and bring it to the world through the marketing of their business.

Lisa Barry Mission Led Content

One week ago today, Lisa was one of the speakers at our virtual event Living beyond the change. It exceeded my expectations on many levels. But the biggest win for me was the clarity I have discovered for this podcast.

All of the speakers at the event had been on a journey. They overcame an obstacle and out the other side, richer for the experience. We all have that capacity and need to move through the fear and seize the opportunities the universe provides

There will be more events, but in the meantime, it will be the role of Life Passion and Business to spread the stories of people as role models for what is possible.

Lisa Barry Mission Led Content

Lisa was never motivated by money and wanted a life that had value and a role where she helped people. She went to Uni and got a degree in teaching, she trained as a coach and found work supporting young people to raise their aspirations and find their soul purpose.

The work was good, but life itself was a struggle, especially with a mortgage and growing family.

Lisa Barry Mission Led Content

It was a redundancy that pushed her to discover a talent for writing, that lead on to discoveries in marketing and business.

Like most stories, it is not a line straight to success. But successful, it was to the point where last year Lisa’s husband left his job to work with her business. The plan for 2020 was the family to start a travel adventure throughout Europe.

We recorded this show in the middle of March before a little matter of a pandemic was changing the plans.

Lisa Barry Mission Led Content
Change of plan.

Because Lisa was one of our speakers, it seemed logical to get this show out because it coincides with a free challenge that may be of interest to you.

Lisa is running a free five-day challenge to help people produce social media content that is in line with mission and values. It is starting on Sunday, 10th May. It is open to all, and I know it will be worth your time.

Full details are at the end of the show.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Lisa Barry.

You can find Lisa at Lisa Barry online and of course, she’s all over Facebook and LinkedIn for that matter.