Today’s guest ‘Paul Glover calls himself the No B S ‘Work Performance’ Coach. This podcast is about how he earned that reputation.

Paul’s childhood was strongly influenced by his father, a union man at GM who hated his job but strongly stood up for the rights of the workforce. This is what inspired Paul to become a Labour Lawyer. So, after military service he dedicated his attention to building his career, eventually rising to become Vice President and Labour Lawyer for the organisation he worked for.

“As With Every Good Story, There’s An Up and a Down”

Paul’s down was his inability to resist opportunities to receive kickbacks and bribes and he had a business partner who was prone to drug and cocaine abuse. This was a lethal combination that led to some pretty dubious activities. Being found out, and having his partner testify against him, culminated in a 5½ year prison sentence.

“If I had not gone to prison I would have died”

Being incarcerated gave Paul plenty of time for resentment and reflection on the direction his life was heading. Boredom eventually led to studying religion and philosophy. But, coming out of prison was a rude awakening to the realities of finding a job and being snubbed by people he used to know.

“They tell you, you’ve done your time and everything will be okay.
It’s not going to be okay!”

However, Paul did manage to turn things around and has put his life experiences to good use. Being a labour lawyer gave him definitive insights and opportunities to understand people objectively. Being a union negotiator taught him how to deal with and stand up to conflict. In prison Paul also learnt how to avoid conflict, engage people who are emotionally distraught and support people through difficult situations.

“Everybody earns their scars, and you should be able to learn from them.
After all, you’ve paid the pain price to get them.”

These life experiences have enabled Paul to become the no b.s. coach he is today. He believes there is a lot of untapped potential in people, and his driving passion is to draw that out. Paul is not afraid to address the blind spots people don’t want to talk about. So his contribution is to help his clients see the cause of a problem and support them through the process of overcoming it.

Paul says success is being relevant, interesting and memorable as someone who cares. And, the meaning of life is to fulfil your potential and be the best person you can be. For Paul, that means having a positive impact on the people he meets every day.

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