As a follow on from last week’s shortcast, this week’s reflection is about Roles.

Last week I talked about Labels and how, when asked what we do, we mostly define ourselves by our job title. But there is so much more to who we are than that. I invited listeners to explore this for themselves and create new ways of describing who they are. Expanding on that topic, this week I am talking about the different roles we play in life and how we want to be seen or defined by them.

Roles can be defined in infinite ways and I have listed some of these below to help you define the roles you play. But mostly we accept these roles without giving them much thought. So this is an invitation to explore them more deeply.

Are we blindly accepting roles that have been defined for us?
Or are we choosing them more consciously?

By reflecting on this topic, we have an opportunity to engage in our various roles with more integrity and bring them into alignment with our mission, or purpose in life.

There are an infinite number of roles in life. Here are just a few to consider:-

Husband/Wife/Partner, Parent, Child, Friend, Lover, Comrade, Co-worker, Employer, Employee, Patient, Counsellor, Teacher (not just in teaching or counselling professions), Student, Customer, Team Player, Team Leader, Community Citizen, Helper (i.e. supporting others with health, life challenges etc.).

And the there are the more obscure ones like Driver; what role do you play behind the wheel of your car and Social Media; what do you share and what do you hide?

Ultimately the question is:-

How do you want to be remembered for the roles you play in people’s lives?
What do you want your legacy to be?

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