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Tom Liebelt : Music, Business and Life

Some guests I find and some approach me, Tom Liebelt is the latter and I am so delighted he reach out to me. He is a genuine guy who just wants people to hear his message. 

Tom was born in Poland during the Communist era when life was tough for those who were not members of the communist party or knew the right people. To make ends meet Tom’s Dad would smuggle alcohol banned films, VCR’s and other contraband across the border from Germany. As a young boy of 7, Tom had a vital roll to play in the smuggling operation. It was his job to distract the border guards from searching the car by screaming and crying and throwing a tantrum at the right moment.

He learned from a young age how to sell and negotiate business by getting haggled by Russian traders at the football stadium.

Life changed a lot when the family took an opportunity to move from Poland to the USA.

It was a change to escape communism, but life did not get easier. His parents took any job they could to survive, and he saw very little of them as they were always working.  

By seeing their struggle as a young man, he never wanted a job, and it motivated him to keep moving.

At 16 he bought into a record shop, his love of music lead him into the industry as an engineer, a DJ and eventually a performer. He returned to his native Poland where he became one of the top Polish hip hop artists.

Moving on, he returned to America and opened a coffee shop, running it for a year. 

Tom is one of those guys who sees an opportunity and makes it work. 

He has published around 5000 Kindle books and has built a successful SEO. He has owned a coffee shop, a retail store, a record label, created and filmed a documentary and released two albums with five hits on top ten Polish radio. 

Now living in Thailand, he has a thriving business employing a team of people creating and marketing online courses. 

All of it was bootstrapped and done with zero outside funding.

As Tom says:

“If you can’t sell, then you’re not in business. Marketing and Sales are the backbone of a company.” – Tom Libelt

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Tom Liebelt

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