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LP&B 70 Jennifer Main The Empathic Initiator

My guest on the show is the empathic Initiator. Can you imagine what it would be like growing up if you could see a bogeyman in the closet, or hands reaching out from under the bed? Scary.

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The Gift With a Price

On today’s show is Jennifer Main and she has been empathic from a very early age, what does that mean?

It means she was super sensitive to the world around her; she could see and feel and hear stuff that others could not. That might sound like a fantastic superpower. But like all gifts, it came with a price, as a child getting love and emotional support was hard. Hugging people was painful, she could feel their pain and emotional baggage. Adults carry so many emotions; it is very confusing to a young child.

Jeniffer was born in North Carolina; her family have strong Christian beliefs. It is the Bible belt; there was no place or space to talk about things that might be considered ungodly.

She learned to rationalise these images and thoughts as part of an overactive and creative imagination. That started her journey to understand these images, feelings and experiences. She says her whole life has been a study of humanity beginning with herself.

The Empathic Initiator

Jennifer went on to study psychology, she worked in addiction and with special needs. Presently she is the empathic Initiator a transformational guide and speaker.

The Empathic Initiator

She is a catalyst for change, her mission is to inspire individuals to recognise unique potential and calling, to embrace purpose, and to live an aligned and authentic existence.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Jeniffer Main, Click the player below.

If you would like to connect with Jennifer, you can find her on Facebook Instagram at @withjeniffer44 and twitter Jenniffer main44. The website is www.jennifermain.co.uk

An Amazing Time to be Alive

The recording with Jennifer was December 2019 and my slight cough was seasonal. I had no idea where we would be now in March 2020 and the world is a very different shape following the situation with COV19.

While I appreciate it is scary, and people are fearful. I guess we will lose people which is hard. But that said it is an amazing time to be alive and live through this. Change on a world scale presents a massive opportunity what could be created out of the chaos?

An On-Line Event

I have had in mind for some time to create an event or summit. This situation has brought that idea upfront and centre.

The point is I meet some amazing people through this podcast, gifted teachers and it is time to bring them together to help us all through this crisis.

Stay tuned it will happen soon.


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