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  • Shortcast : The Perfect Stick

    Shortcast : The Perfect Stick

    How do you deal with perfect? Do you have a perfect stick? This week we explore the curse of perfection, and why 80% is good enough. 

  • Sustainable Future Initiatives Pt.2 : David Farquhar

    Sustainable Future Initiatives Pt.2 : David Farquhar

    This conversation with David Farquhar is Part 2 of my ‘Sustainable Future Initiatives’ series. David is truly a serial entrepreneur who came out of retirement to head up ‘Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS). It started with a phone call in 2017…  “David, would you like to see my dad’s R&D Project, it is a vertical farm.”  […]

  • Shortcast : Expectations

    Shortcast : Expectations

    How do you deal with unmet expectations?  I was reflecting this week on expectations; the conversation came from two directions: the podcast I listened to called The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo. The other was my feelings around the outcomes of the COP26 conference. There is nothing wrong with having expectations; it’s a positive […]

  • Sustainable Future Initiatives Pt.1 : Howard Gunstock

    Sustainable Future Initiatives Pt.1 : Howard Gunstock

    There’s nothing closer to my heart than how we treat each other and how we look after this planet. ‘Sustainable Future Initiatives‘ is a series of podcast interviews with people who are responding to Climate Change by actively taking steps towards a more sustainable future. After a tsunami of life moments Howard Gunstock has what […]

  • Shortcast : Looking Back or Reaching Forward?

    Shortcast : Looking Back or Reaching Forward?

    Is the past controlling your future? It is often past experiences that cause the ‘default’ thinking that keeps us stuck in the present and hold the highest potential to sabotage our future plans. When we open our hearts to forgiveness, it sets us free and enables us to make decisions that are not tainted by […]

  • Nicoleta Porojanu : Soul Healing

    Nicoleta Porojanu : Soul Healing

    Today’s conversation with Nicoleta Porojanu brings the world of psychotherapy into a wider dimension, with her recognition that it is about the integration of body, mind and soul healing. From a turbulent childhood with an alcoholic father, through the journey of healing from a rare form of breast cancer, Nicoleta brings a staggering depth to the insights gained through her life experiences.

  • Shortcast : What Matters?

    Shortcast : What Matters?

    What matters to you? I’m not just talking about the big things, although they are relevant. But what about the little things that we take for granted every day. Like our health for instance. This week I have had a cold. I rarely get them these days, but I guess face masks and social distancing […]

  • Rael Bricker : Speaking For Success

    Rael Bricker : Speaking For Success

    Following a life transition in 2015, today’s guest Rael Bricker, turned an early passion into a way of speaking for success that supports others. Stepping Out Born in South Africa during apartheid, Rael was not politically active, but from an early age he was conscious that he did not fit the standard model expected of […]

  • Shortcast : Living The Story

    Shortcast : Living The Story

    This weeks shortcast ‘Living The Story’ is inspired by my recent trip to Bristol and the controversial media coverage and history of the Colston Statue. Edward Colston was a 16th century merchant whose statue was erected to venerate the £71,000 he left for charity. It was successfully pulled of its plinth and ceremoniously dumped in the river during the Black Lives Matters demonstrations last year. The media portrayed this as an act of vandalism, and yet the Story goes much deeper.

  • Erin McCullough : Finding Your Joy

    Erin McCullough : Finding Your Joy

    reaction which the counsellor explained was a panic attack. She had never experienced a panic attack before, nor had she any awareness of her suppressed emotions. Finding Your Joy is Erin’s exploration of thoughts, feelings and anxiety. She reveals how finding joy is possible at any time, and that we do not have to do anything to matter. We are always relevant and our existence is enough.

  • Shortcast : Seizing The Moment

    Shortcast : Seizing The Moment

    This week my shortcast reflection is about the importance of seizing the moment and making the best of the journey. But more than that, it is about why this is so important now.  Back in the 1950’s men retired at 65 and had a few years pottering in the garden before keeling over after a […]

  • Claudia Goetzelmann : Living Photography

    Claudia Goetzelmann : Living Photography

    Claudia Goetzelmann has a knack for seeking out the hidden beauty in people and in situations, even in death. She also has an implicit trust that life will support her. How does she use this to express her passion? Through photography, and coaching women through midlife transitions.